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chairmanIndustrialized economies are experiencing a new phase of globalization as the new millennium begins. The pace of change is accelerating and the complexity of the challenges is intensifying. The Japan Industrial Location Center (JILC) is committed to keeping pace with this rapidly changing economic climate. Since its establishment in 1961, it has served as a leading planning agency specializing in Japan’s industrial and regional development. In close affiliation with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Currently Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI) JILC has promoted the deepening of Japan’s industrial structure. It has also enjoyed long-enduring relationships with various local government bodies and public agencies through planning industrial estates and research services for local industrialization. Internationally, JILC has worked on industrial promotion projects, high-tech park projects and human resource development programs. Over the years JILC has created an international network of industrial development, including projects in Korea, Taiwan, and the US, to foster global industrial development. We are now involved in promotions of both Japanese and foreign investments, as well as incubation of venture businesses and human resource development. JILC has evolved over the years by adapting itself to the changing needs of industrial development in Japan. Today there are greater needs for more environmentally friendly industrial development and public accountability. JILC will continue to meet these increasingly complex demands on policy making and planning. Our commitment is global economic development.


What is JILC?

The Japan Industrial Location Center(JILC) is an independent public agency working in regional/industrial planning and implementation under the auspices of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. JILC has four areas of specialization:

  Regional development
  Investment promotion
  Business Incubation
  Human Resource Development

JILC has expanded its scope of activities to overseas, sending advisors and consulting teams to establish regional development plans, industrial promotions and technological transfers based on expertise developed its long-term involvement with Japanese economic growth. JILC also offers through the Internet access to its database, related to investment activities and factory locations.

Regional Development

Regional DevelopmentJILC has completed a number of studies overseas, as well as in Japan, related to regional development. It has provided services to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The study topics included science park programs, industrial development, and human resource development. Countries served include Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Peoples' Republic of China, Venezuela, and. Vietnam.

Investment Promotion

Investment PromotionWhat started as a guidebook for industrial location has now evolved to a nation-wide database of industrial locations. JILC also monitors all major investments in Japan's manufacturing sector to forecast macro-trends geographically. The involvement of all the prefecture governments into JILC network provides direct access to the local and regional information in Japan, including investment incentives, licensing and actual investment trends. JILC has incorporated all of this information into a comprehensive database for investors,offering business incubation information to foreign prospects looking for investment opportunities in Japan. It also promotes foreign investments through various events.

Business Incubation

Business IncubationJILC's services for factory site promotion extend back to the roots of regional development, the creation of new businesses. JILC's system identifies business seeds through accessing innovations and discoveries derived from research conducted at Japan's universities and research institutions. JILC has also created a network of business development agencies, Innovation Initiative Network Japan.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource DevelopmentJILC has surveyed and organized its own experiences in the fields of industrial policy and development of industrial estates so that it can offer its expertise to foreign countries. Trainees from Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America have participated in our programs, and our expert advisors to these countries have achieved highly acclaimed accomplishments.